New Rap Songs 2014 List Most Popular

New Rap Songs 2014

These new rap songs 2014 are the best music anywhere, even better than Dance, Pop Songs, and so on. We’ve seen in the past just how popular rap music became as a genre that today this industry is flourishing the most! With hip-hop on the side, we provide to you the ideal list of new rap songs 2014 will be consisting of. So does it sound good when we provide to you a platform which features every genre of music of your taste and kinds? If you’re into the Eminem then you’ll be glad to know that this artist is working currently on his future album out of which his song is sure to hit it off on our list of new rap songs 2014 releases. we provide to you a means by which you can keep track of the new rap songs 2014 will be releasing. If you’re absolutely crazy about rap, then this list will guide you to find the hottest singles that will be released next year. So, here are the new rap songs 2014, and the best new hip hop songs 2014 you can find.

New Rap Songs 2014 List - Most Popular

Rap music was known around this time as the way to tell a story, and most of the rap songs 2014 were controversial in many ways, songs about drugs came into the mix. Variations are also expected in the rap songs 2014 list. Most Popular songs had no music and where there was a rap group, one of the rap artists would beat box, making the sound of the music with their voices. As the 1980′s continued it wasn’t just African Americans who were rapping to the beat boxing beat, Caucasian rappers like The Beastie Boys had joined the rap scene. As the 1990′s came around, good rap music had matured into more complex lyrics, artists like Snoop Dogg took over the charts, and a guy called Marshall Mathers burst onto the rap scene, known to his fans as Eminem. Year 2014 will be very prosperous for the Rap songs as predicted by music world. Below is the list of new rap songs 2014 most popular.

Top 10 Rap Songs 2014

Here is a latest top 10 rap songs 2014 list you are looking for. All of the songs are the most popular rap songs of 2014.

01. Fancy – Iggy Azalea Featuring Charli XCX
02. Shower – Becky G
03. Pills N Potions – Nicki Minaj
04. Believe Me – Lil Wayne Featuring Drake
05. Timber – Pitbull Featuring Ke$ha
06. We Dem Boyz – Wiz Khalifa
07. Studio – ScHoolboy Q Featuring BJ The Chicago Kid “Oxymoron”
08. Cut Her Off – KCamp Featuring 2 Chainz
09. No Mediocre – T.I. Featuring Iggy Azalea
10. Main Chick – Kid Ink Featuring Chris Brown “My Own Lane [Clean]“

List of New Rap Songs 2014

Here is the most popular new rap songs 2014 list, best rap songs 2014 with latest top 10 rap songs 2014 For all the rap fanatics out there.

01. That’s the Joint – Funky Four + One
02. Ridin’ – Chamillionaire
03. Like Toy Soldiers – Eminem
04. Cry Me a River – Justin Timberlake feat Timbaland
05. Promiscuous Girl – Nelly Furtado
06. The Way I Are – Timbaland
07. Lose Yourself – Eminem
08. The Real Slim Shady – Eminem
09. Ghetto Superstar – Pras Michel
10. Hey ya – Outkast
11. Right Thur – Chingy
12. Petrified – Mike Shinoda
13. Get Ur Freak On – Missy Elliott
14. Stan – Eminem feat. Dido
15. Ladies First – Queen Latifah feat. Monie Love
16. Yeah – Usher
17. Hard Knock Life – Jay Z
18. What Go Around Come Around Kid – Cypress Hill
19. Gin ‘N Juice – Snoop Dogg
20. Baby Got Back – Sir Mix- A- Lot
21. Public Enemy – Fight the Power
22. One Mic – Nas
23. Hitch – Will Smith
24. Dilemma – Nelly
25. Hot in Here – Nelly
26. In da Club – 50 Cent
27. Crank That – Soulja Boy
28. Temptations – Tupac
29. Always on Time -Ja Rule feat. Ashanti
30. Killing Me Softly – Fugees
31. Ms. Jackson – Outkast
32. Where is the Love – The Black Eyed Peas
33. Work it – Kanye West
34. Try Again – Aaliyah
35. Low – Flo- rida
36. Get down – Busta Rhymes
37. Hold it Now, Hit it – Beastie Boys
38. Guantanamera – Wyclef Jean
39. Tha Block Is Hot – Lil’ Wayne
40. I have a dream – Common ft Will I Am I Have a Dream

Most Popular New Rap Songs 2014 List

This is the portal that will facilitate you with all kinds of music out of which the more new rap songs 2014 list will be releasing is the next project we’ll be working upon! So get regular updates regarding all the latest new rap songs 2014 if you’re obsessed with rap music. If you are making a cool list of this kind of music, I’m sure it is the best list of new rap songs 2014. So let’s find what more new rap songs 2014 we have for the year 2014.

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